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Year of Consecrated Life

During the "year" from November 29, 2014 through February 2, 2016, the  Church is celebrating a "Year of Consecrated Life," commemorating the various Orders and Congregations of Religious Men and Women serving our Church.  In our Diocesan Directory, we find 16 such groups serving in the Diocese of Rochester.  The link below lists them all--one for each of the 16 months spanned by this special "Year"-- as well as a different aspect of Consecrated Life for our focus each month.  Also given are related events that will take place and Spiritual and Temporal ways in which we may observe them. -2015 Schema

Laudato SI

In the six Sunday bulletins leading up to Labor Day, 2015, Father Schrader highlighted key points found in the six chapters of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si (On Care for Our Common Home) of May 24, 2015 (Pentecost Sunday).  This 6-week series can be found in one collected article at the following link, which also contains the URL for obtaining the entire encyclical as well as questions to ponder regarding our own personal implementation of the encyclical.  Laudato Si

Mass Times

Saturday 4:30 p.m. St. James
Sunday 8:00 a.m. St. James
  9:00 a.m.* St. John
  9:45 a.m.* St. Ambrose
  11:00 a.m. St. John
  5:00 p.m. St. Ambrose
Monday 7:45 a.m. St. James
Tuesday 9:15 a.m. St. Ambrose
Wednesday 7:45 a.m. St. James
  12:10 p.m. St. John
Thursday 7:00 a.m. St. John
  9:15 a.m. St. Ambrose
Friday 12:15 p.m. St. Ambrose

*Children's Liturgy of the Word except during summer months


Sacrament of Penance

Saturday 3:45 - 4:15 p.m. St. James
Sunday 8:15 - 8:45 a.m. St. John
  4:15 - 4:45 p.m. St. Ambrose
The Sacrament of Penance can also be scheduled by contacting a priest.


Upcoming Events


National Hispanic Month

Americans are observing National Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins September 15 and continues through October 15. The theme this year is "Honoring our Heritage: Building our Future".

Faith Formation

Religious Education classes for Pre K through Grade 5 and Youth Group for Grades 6-12 gatherings have begun for the new school year.  If you need to register your family, you are welcome to do so at any time. Visit our Faith Formation page, and contact Melissa Mang at 288-5000 ext. 121 with any questions.

Catholic Ministries Appeal

The Diocesan yearly CMA Campaign has begun.
Please consider donating to this year's campaign.  You may complete the pledge card you received in the mail, and mail it directly to the Diocesan Office or place it in the Sunday collection in Church.  Electronic Giving is available - see link.  Visit the Diocesan Site for all details including the Campaign Video, and follow the parish's results - see link.

Fundraising Campaign St. John Neumann School

Dear friends and family,
I am launching a social media fundraiser for my school and would LOVE to have everyone's support! Please consider helping me, my school, students and staff out. Your support will be greatly appreciated! Passing this along to your contacts would also be appreciated.

Thank you.
Jackie Senecal, Principal
St. John Neumann School 

Statement from Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops of New York State regarding the proposed state Education Tax Credit