St. Ambrose Academy School Council

St. Ambrose Academy School Council works to make the school a long-term viable option for Catholic Education for our families, parish and
community. The Council is made up of staff (Pastor, Principal, Director of Finance) + co-Chairs of five Committees who coordinate the work of five working committees:

Finance Committee

Works with the Pastor, Principal and Director of Finance & Administration to develop and monitor a budget (including tuition and advancement and fund-raising plans) to finance the school’s educational programs. This committee will propose to the School Council a budget for the coming school year that reflects the objectives of the long-range strategic plan.

  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive budget with appropriate internal controls
  • Monitor the budget monthly, including income and expenditure reports
  • Set tuition rates
  • Identify ways of cutting costs
  • Develop a planned spending schedule
  • Work with other committees to maximize revenue opportunities

Strategic Planning Committee

Creates, monitors, evaluates and updates the long-range strategic plan, including specifics for the coming year. This committee ensures that, at all times, the school has five years of a long range plan to guide it.

  • Develop projections and evaluations annually of the internal and external environment impacting the school community
  • Receive from the school council and the school administration recommendations for the coming year’s planning objectives (enrollment, staffing, quality Catholic education, Catholic identity, facilities, finance, and advancement) in order to assess the continued viability of the strategic plan
  • Assure Catholic Identity
  • Make recommendations to the school council regarding any necessary changes to the strategic plan for the coming year
  • Consult annually with the administration and school council in order to develop a plan for the fifth year out so that the school has a five-year long-range strategic plan at all times
  • Report regularly to the council on the progress being made toward completion of the current year’s plan objectives
  • Identify ways parents and parishioners can be involved and active within St. Ambrose Academy (SAA)
  • Improve strategies to increase enrollment
  • Establish comprehensive data collection and management to drive recruitment activities
  • Analyze current student population and develop plans for higher retention rates
  • Develop a comprehensive enrollment plan to manage marketing and recruiting

Marketing Committee

Does internal and external marketing of the school. This committee addresses relationship building with external customers.

  • Develop a clear plan for marketing St. Ambrose Academy to the community and take action on that plan
  • Increase the presence of St. Ambrose  Academy students in our parish communities by building relationships, beyond fundraising, with local businesses, subdivisions and community organizations
  • Increase student service in the community

Advancement Committee

Develops and monitors activities centered on the overall planning, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of all grant writing. This committee attends to matters pertaining to endowments, fund raising programs and the creation of an active alumni association.

  • Obtain donors, sponsors and endowments, scholarships
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts, secure grant funds, etc.
  • Work with faculty and administration to improve inclusion of all students in the school community
  • Coordinate fundraising activities through the school council
  • Research ways SAA can maintain excellence in academics
  • Create an Alumni Association to involve alumni in an active way to strengthen and advance the school

Pastoral Committee

Works with the pastor as ambassadors to neighboring parishes without schools on the city’s east side. This committee also acts within the classroom as resources and as a Church presence.

  • Invite the support of neighboring parishes
  • Encourage the participation of pastoral staff people from neighboring parishes in supporting and visiting the school
  • Help facilitate pulpit and bulletin announcements in neighboring parishes encouraging registration working in unison with the Marketing Committee
  • Be conduits of ideas from the parish to the diocese via the Diocesan School Board, etc. (e.g., enrollment up to 8th grade, etc.)
  • Work in conjunction with any of the school council’s committees in helping to accomplish their objectives
  • Incorporate mention of the school (as possible and as appropriate) in liturgies (prayers of the faithful, remembrance of “St. Ambrose Academy” in the Eucharistic Prayers, etc.)
  • Continue to minister to all in the school community at daily Masses at St. Ambrose and at special services in the church and at the school
  • Pray for St. Ambrose Academy regularly in the course of the Church’s daily Office
  • Reach out as appropriate to priest alumni of Peace of Christ Parish’s three churches’ former schools for interaction and support

The SCHOOL COUNCIL invites anyone interested in taking an active part on one of the five
committees to contact any of its members for further information and/or meeting times.

School Council Members

Pastor ?subject=Message%20from%20School%20Council%20Page">Rev. Peter Mottola
Principal ?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Web%20Site">Christine Deutsch
Director of Finance & Adm.  ?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Web%20Site">Patty Macera
Finance co-chairs ?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Web%20Site">Patty Macera
Gary Smith
Strategic Planning co-chairs John McQueen
Ryan Dwyer
Marketing co-chairs Brett Daly

Christopher Tomeno

Advancement Chair Vern Connors
Pastoral co-chairs ?subject=Inquiry%20from%20POC%20Web%20Site">Fr. Bob Werth
?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Web%20Site">Rev. Timothy Brown