St. Ambrose Academy

Our School is an integral part of Peace of Christ Parish. To better align the school with its location within the Parish and reflecting the vote of our parishioners and school community, we are changing the name to Saint Ambrose Academy. This change is effective in July 2018. Since students registering this month, for the next year, will be registering for St. Ambrose Academy we are starting the large task of changing all the name references on our web sites now.


                                     The 5-Elementary School Alumni of POC Parish

Since September 1916 starting at St. John the Evangelist (1916–2005), followed by St. Ambrose (1922-2005), then St. James (1950–1990) Catholic education has been the traditional mission of our Peace of Christ Parish Schools. That tradition continues today at our parish’s surviving school St. John Neumann (2006-2018) /St. Ambrose Academy (2018-present) located in the former St. Ambrose School building. In that time, we have celebrated 170 graduating classes and educated over 11,000 students.

In 2011, the Peace of Christ Alumni Association (POCAA) was formed to serve an important function. It links the traditions of the past with current practices and plans for the future. The association reconnects former students with friends and associates. It passes forward our Catholic education mission.

We have manually loaded for the FIRST time a central database of all of our 10,000 graduated students from the scattered archives of our four schools with LAST KNOWN addresses (i.e. at graduation – I know – not too valid). In fact this is the FIRST time there has ever been an Alumni Association associated with any of the schools!

IF we are to truly be connected with each other and have the association able to serve the needs of our alumni and further our Catholic education tradition, we need your help. The POCAA is asking for all alumni of our four schools to contact us and register with the POCAA with their current profile and to invite their fellow classmates to do likewise. You can find the Alumni’s Newsletter and Registration form at he bottom of this page.

By registering with the POCAA you will always be kept informed of reunions, newsletters, and events. However, if you prefer not to receive our information, just let us know, but please send us your current information anyway using the “For Database Information Only” (FDIO) on the form. Be sure to include your email address in either case.

If you know of the location or life status of any of your fellow alumni, please forward that FDIO information so that the POCAA may update and improve the master database.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bob Genthner (JAM’61), Alumni Committee Chairman, preferably by email at "> or by phone at (585) 288-5000 Ext 200.




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