Shawl Ministry

A group of women who participated in the first Women’s Leadership Institute in Hartford, Connecticut began the shawl-knitting ministry in 1998. They began by knitting or crocheting shawls for women who were undergoing treatment for breast cancer and other illnesses. Shawls were also made to celebrate milestones in peoples’ lives, such as significant birthdays, anniversaries and the birth of children.

Peace of Christ Parish has a prayer shawl ministry which meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 2 pm at the Parish Office. New members  are welcome. Seasoned knitters and crocheters are happy to teach beginners. Bring your own needles and we will supply the yarn.

Prayer shawls are accompanied with a tag, which states: “This shawl was made especially for you by the Peace of Christ Parish knitters and crocheters. Each stitch  was a prayer said for your needs. Each time you wear this shawl,  please know that you are cared for by a loving God.”

Prayer shawls are available upon request. Please call our Parish Office at 585-288-5000 to obtain a shawl.