Funeral Arrangements

The procedure for scheduling a funeral at one of the Peace of Christ churches is as follows:
– Contact the funeral director of your choice and request the church you prefer.
– The funeral director will contact the parish and determine the availability of the church and time.
– The Pastoral Associate from that site will call the contact family member to arrange a time and date to plan the funeral liturgy. Family members are asked to select readings, and music. We encourage the family to supply readers, if possible.
– We have our own musicians and cantors on staff.
– Arrangements can be made to do advance planning with any of the Pastoral Associates by calling our office.

If you have a loved one who has a terminal illness or is in Hospice care,  and you would like to request a priest to give “Last Rites”,  please call our Parish Office at 585-288-5000. It is important to note that all hospitals have priests on call through their Chaplain’s Office for “Last Rites”, as well.