Creating a Safe Environment Training for All Parish and School Volunteers

       Creating a Safe Environment Procedures for Volunteers

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     Volunteers who work with children, youth or vulnerable adults are required to sign a Diocese of Rochester Volunteer Code of Conduct, complete the Criminal Record Check process and participate in Creating a Safe Environment training. All of these volunteers must participate in a renewal of training-every three years- as determined by the Diocese of Rochester. Volunteer drivers for Church programs and events must have their driving record checked every year.

Implementation and Responsibility
           In the Diocese of Rochester the Pastor, Pastoral Administrator, Director of Campus Ministry or Principal is responsible for ensuring the training of volunteers in Creating a Safe Environment.  They may choose to designate a staff employee or a well-qualified volunteer to coordinate and/or deliver this training.
          Trainers are required to attend an initial Train the Trainer session. Ordinarily, the Catechetical Leader and/or Youth Minister is designated to train all volunteers for parish/faith community programs for which they are responsible. Parishes/faith communities with an extensive network of volunteers affected may choose to designate another staff person to assist the Catechetical Leader/Youth Minister in training volunteers.

          Parishes must maintain the following records policy for three years after the person ceases to volunteer in the parish or school:

  • Acknowledgement from RBA of completion of Criminal Record Check
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of the Code of Conduct
  • Verification of training for volunteers bound by this policy                                                                                                                

New! Instructions on how to train or retrain ONLINE for CASE (Creating a Safe Environment) certification (retraining needs to be done every 3 years): 

  1. Volunteers must sign the Diocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct for adults. See Diocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct for Minors (under the age of 18)
  2. Volunteers must undergo a Criminal Record Check (18 and older) before they begin their volunteer work;
  3. Volunteers must complete the volunteer training either online or in person within three months of beginning their work. 
  4. Volunteers are required to retrain every three years.
  5. Print out your quiz results AND Completion Certificate (both from the online training) these must accompany your other required forms. Send to parish office.
  6. In all -you must send your signed volunteer code of conduct, criminal record check (for 18 years of age and older), a copy of your driver's license or other form of id (social security card or valid passport) and quiz results/completion certificate to the parish office at: Melissa Mang, Peace of Christ Parish, 25 Empire Blvd., Rochester, NY 14609. ​Thank you!                          REMEMBER-When the volunteer successfully completes CASE Training, they must print their Quiz Results and the Completion Certificate to be kept in a locked file in the parish office. These documents must be given to the CASE Coordinator (Melissa Mang)

                                                      **Volunteers under age 18 must complete CASE Training In Person only.**

Tips for Training or Retraining Online-

  • Only one volunteer may take the Quiz at a time. Two volunteers taking one quiz is not allowed.
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer (PC or MAC). Do not use tablets or mobile devices. 
  • Use the latest version of Internet Explorer. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari do not support Flash & Java.)
  • Users must have Adobe Flash and Reader installed on their computer. This free software can be found at
  • Users must disable their web browser’s pop-up blocker.
  • Users must be using a computer connected to a printer to print CASE Certificate and Quiz Results. If there is no access to a printer, users may either save the files as a .pdf, take a Screen Shot, or take a photo of said documents and send them to the Parish CASE Coordinator via e-mail. Volunteers may also complete CASE training at a parish or school computer with access to a printer.
  • NEW! Volunteers must create their own account in the Online Learning Center to access CASE.
  • Recommendations:
    • Complete training in 1 hour—volunteers cannot stop half-way and save progress. If the volunteer must stop and experiences technical issues upon return, clear all History, cookies and cache in the browser and start again.
    • Enter the name of the parish/cluster/school community in its entirety along with location. (Do not simply write “St. Mary” as the Diocese has many churches named “St. Mary.”)

How to take a Screen Shot 

How to Disable Pop-Up Blocker


Volunteers include but are not limited to those who are listed on this page.

Chaperones for overnight events must sign the Diocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct, undergo the Criminal Background Check and complete their volunteer training before they can serve as an overnight chaperone.

Volunteer drivers also require an annual New York State DMV check before they can drive for an event. This check requires a new authorization.               

Volunteers who must sign a Diocese of Rochester Volunteer Code of Conduct, undergo a Criminal Record Check (18 years and older), and be trained in Creating a Safe Environment, include but are not limited to the following:  

  • All volunteers who serve in a Catholic school program
  • Volunteers in religious education programs
  • Volunteers in parish youth programs
  • Volunteer drivers (these also require a New York State DMV check)
  • Overnight trip chaperones
  • NCYC chaperones
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word coordinators and presiders
  • Youth choir directors
  • Trainers of children/youth for liturgical ministries
  • Anyone hosting a school and/or catechetical, youth or parish-affiliated program for children off-site
  • Retreat leaders
  • Volunteers who work with school and/or parish sport programs such as Athletic Directors and 
  • Coaches of sport teams/cheerleading programs
  • Supervisors of youth work/service projects
  • Coordinators of festivals, pageants, plays and events involving children
  • Volunteers who visit the homebound and sick
  • Catechists or youth ministry volunteers in a parish program
  • Catechists/aides who work with special education programs
  • Maintenance, groundskeepers or others who work with youth volunteers
  • Summer Bible school or Summer Institute volunteers
  • Family Education leaders
  • Adults involved in fundraising or special events that work with children, youth or vulnerable adults such as book fairs, cooking crews, etc.
  • Volunteers who work with vulnerable adults in nursing homes and group homes
  • Volunteers who run Sunday daycare during Mass

Thank you for volunteering! If you have any questions, contact Melissa Mang at 288-5000, ext.121 or at